Barbie 1980s

All dolls are from the collection of David Mansour.

Photos are the copyright of ©David James Mansour and ©Behold the Valley of the Dolls. 
"Barbie 1980s" text is an excerpt from Behold the Valley of the Dolls: A Barbie History in Portraits 
by David James Mansour 

Fads of the decade are well reflected in the 1980s Barbie doll lines. There’s roller disco (Roller Skating Barbie), urban cowboy (Western Barbie), designer jeans (Fashion Jeans Barbie), aerobic fitness (Great Shape Barbie), yuppies (Day-to-Night Barbie), and new wave (Barbie and the Rockers). Barbie’s fashions are both neon-hued, influenced by hot MTV era girl acts like Madonna and Cyndi Lauper, and dramatic glamour gowns with cascading ruffles influenced by the divas of primetime soaps, Dallas and Dynasty. 
     Think Barbie as a blue-eyed blonde Caucasian? Think again! 1980 introduces Barbie as African-American, Hispanic, Asian, and other races from around the globe with the annual Dolls of the World collection. Many new friends are introduced by decade’s end, including beautiful brunette Whitney, Asian Miko, Hispanic Teresa, African-American Steven, and Midge returns as Barbie’s BFF (in 1988) after being MIA since the 1960s.   

​​​​​​Behold The Valley of the Dolls

A Barbie History in Portraits​​