Flashback Fever! Fianna & Cameron 70​'s Funk Fever 

Left to right:Jade Secret Date, Jade Girls Night Out, an Meygan Strut It

Left to right: Sasha Pampered Pupz, Phoebe Bratz Campfire, and Fianna Nighty-Nite

...Of course, I couldn't let all the Bratz go. I'm holding on to the original 4, half-a-dozen Bratz Boyz, and a complete Bratz Drill Team! 

Flashback Fever! Sasha & Dylan Disco Dynamite 70's

Bratz 4-Ever!

Left to right:Cloe World Familiez, Cloe Spring Break, and Cloe Secret Date

Left to right:Dylan Wild Life Safari, Cade Wild Life Safari and Dylan Sun-Kissed Summer

"The boys with a passion for fashion." My six cuties...They're all keepers! 

Flashback Fever! Jade & Eitan 60's Ultra-Mod

Bratz Play Sportz Rockin' Cheerleader Squad with Sasha as the team's Captain! 

The Bratz on display in my former toy collection - Kansas City, circa 2009 . 

Cameron and Cade Sun-Kissed Summer 

Bratz - "The girls with a passion for fashion!"

Left to right: Dylan Date Night, Dylan Punkz, and Dylan Funk Out

Flashback Fever! Yasmin & Koby Roller-Boogie 80's

Left to right: Play Sportz - Cameron Fumblin' Football, Dylan Basketball and Cade Baseball

Flashback Fever! Cloe & Cade Totally-Awesome 80's 

Left to right: Dana Sweet Heart, Dana Formal Funk, and Yasmin Bratz Holiday 

Left to right: Fianna Wild West, Meygan, Rock Angelz Fan Club President, and Cloe Bratz the. Movie

In their millennium heyday (2001 to 2008), these teen fashion dolls--characterized by big eyes, full pouty lips, and funky fashions--were Barbie's number-one challenger (Mattel even created the My Scene Barbie line to compete). As a collector during this time, Bratz were the second most dolls that I bought avidly after Barbie, These little dolls appeared to have such big attitude... and I loved that about Bratz! They were given prime space on the display shelves in my "Toy Room." Now that my Bratz are gone, I pay tribute with photos of the last dolls sold off.

Sasha and Tiana, Welcome to Fabulous Bratz!

The Fab 4: Sasha, Jade, Yasmin and Cloe. First issued in 2001. 

In February of 2021 I sold off the last of my Bratz doll collection. At the peak of collecting I had over 200 Bratz, Bratz Boyz, and Lil' Bratz in a collection. I parted with the majority of them when I moved to California in the summer of 2012. I only kept about 50 of my favorites. After being in storage for 9-years here in San Diego, I thought it was time to find these beautiful dolls new homes with collectors on eBay. And man, these dolls sold fast as Bratz lovers from around the world--from Los Angeles to Houston to New York City, Canada to Belgium to Australia--snatched them up! 

Behold The Valley of the Dolls

Bratz High-Kick Drill Team. Kick it girls! ❤️