I’m a huge admirer of my niece Jillian Bode’s photography! Her website is beautiful. Check out Jillian's work and follow her too! 💕💕

"This is Valerie's world in miniature. She makes it what she wants it to be...without war, racial hate or misunderstanding. Ken and Barbie (dolls) are man and woman rather than Mom and Dad. They enjoy living and having a camper truck is the good life. Today Valerie has the chicken pox and can't go out and play."

~ "Valerie" by Bill Owens, Suburbia (1973​)

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I was searching on-line for original Valley of the Dolls art and came across Popmania by Zteven on Etsy. I purchased a set of Valley of the Dolls Mermaids and absolutely love them! They are placed on a wall in my home office (above right). Come visit Zteven's Popmania shop to see why I'm a huge fan of his original pop art! 

"Welcome to Three Wishes Studio! We offer eclectic, earthy, original handmade jewelry."

Shop Jeanne Donovan's unique artisan jewelry at Three Wishes Studio on Etsy. ​

I see Valerie as my kindred spirit. I was that kinda geeky suburban kid playing with Barbies in the early-70s. 

Who is Kurtasaurus?
Kurt Michael Bauer – a.k.a. Kurtasaurus Domesticus – is an ingenious designer in San Diego, California, who snoops around estate sales and auctions for EXTINCT materials, then puts them through a careful UPCYCLE process, making DISTINCT creations for your ‘Cave-Sweet-Cave‘!

Behold the Valley of the Dolls

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"His pictures and deadpan comments are like a dream within the American Dream"

~ Time Magazine

​Hi Dolls, I got this groovy Valley of the Dolls throw pillow from Lori Huston, owner and artist of KutiePieKitsch on Etsy. I'm pleased with the quality and detail of the pillow (the pink pom-pom accent is totally fab), and Lori's customer service is out-of-this-world! If you're a fan of kitsch-ful pop culture items check out KutiePieKitsch.

This is a nod to my favorite artists, photographers, and those creating and offering unique items for sale, such as jewelry, fashion and household apparel. I admire their creativity and pop culture whimsy, and enjoy having many of their items placed in my home.

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