Barbie and Ken are thrilled about their upcoming road trip in the Country Camper! They'll be cruising in comfort too as the inside is decked-out with the latest shag carpeting! “Orange is this year’s color,” says Barbie!

Don S.:  Love this! I wonder what kind of music they listen to while traveling.

​Me: The Carpenters, Bread, America, Seals & Croft! All those are on their 8-Track player!

At 58 years of age I still play with Barbie.

This a photo journal of sorts of my make believe adventures in the world of Barbie and her doll friends. 

I go through phrases with which vintage Barbie doll line I like best. Today I'm on a kick for the 1969-70 Twist 'n Turn Barbie! She's also referred to as "Flip Barbie" or "Marlo Flip" inspired by Marlo Thomas as Ann Marie on TV's popular That Girl. Sporting the official hairdo of the 1960s, Marlo's Ann Marie had the best Flip in hair history!

Behold the Valley of the Dolls


More Posts to Come!

"It's all make believe, isn't it?"
~ Marilyn Monroe