Behold the Valley of the Dolls!

by David Mansour

​​"You've got to climb Cowles Mountain to
 Behold the Valley of the Dolls..."

​Behold the Valley of the Dolls:

A Barbie Collection in Portraits, 1959-2019

by David James Mansour

​Soon to come!

“Anne, I’m not nutty, I am just hooked on dolls!”
~ Patty Duke as Neely O’Hara in Valley of the Dolls

     “You’ve got to climb Mt. Everest to reach the Valley of the Dolls” went the opening to Jacqueline Susann’s wildly popular 1960s novel, Valley of the Dolls.  For this book, I've taken a spin on Jacqueline’s iconic tagline with, “You’ve got to climb Cowles Mountain to Behold the Valley of the Dolls.”  (Cowles Mountain is the highest point in the city of San Diego.)  Needless to say, you’ll find plenty of dolls here—the eleven-inch-tall plastic variety type, with glamorous fashions and fabulous hairdos—but unlike Valley of the Dolls, you won’t find any pill-popping or booze-swigging, scandalous sex or bitchy catfights, or a Hollywood star’s rise to fame and her inevitable fall.  But before we make the climb to Behold the Valley of the Dolls let’s start at the beginning…​