It was  honored when invited to give a Barbie presentation on March 9, 2023, "National Barbie Day" (aka Barbie's Birthday), at Paradise Village in San Diego, California. I set up a cute display of dolls from my collection, representing Barbie's early years. I had a lot of fun talking about Barbie, and the guests were served pink-frosted Barbie cookies and pink rose wine! 

"In each of our issues, we dedicate a page to the accounts that inspire us on Instagram. This time zoom in on the universe of... @beholdthevalleyofthedolls" 

~ Journal Collectionneur & Chineur  Paris, October 2022

more buzzing to come...

There's Buzz about Behold the Valley of the Dolls, My Barbie Collection & Me!

"A daily look back at the toys, games, and objects that captured our attention as children and continue to fascinate us today."

​​​​​​Behold The Valley of the Dolls

A Barbie History in Portraits​​

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"David Mansour is a Barbie collector. In this edition of Collector Spotlight, he advocates for taking the dolls out of the box and explains how a birthday gift of seven dolls grew to a collection of 2,000." 

~ Toy Tales

In February 2023, I was honored to be featured in an interview by Toy Tales in their "Collector Spotlight" for Barbie!