#16 1971 Barbie with Pretty Growin' Hair

"My Two Kens": 1970 Talking Ken & 1971 Malibu Ken

#6 1968 Talking Barbie 

There's a variety of hair colors to choose from with the TNTs but I'm very much in love with the "Chocolate Bon Bon" (right). Although I have a Titian Reproduction TNT (left) an actual vintage doll from 1967 tops my "most wanted" list! 

#14 1970 Living Barbie 

#17 1971 Malibu Barbie 

Francie with Pretty Growin' Hair is often cited as the favorite Francie doll for those children who played with Barbies in the early-70s (like me).

#3 1967 Twist 'n Turn Barbie 

#21 1973 Quick Curl Barbie 

#9 1969 Twist 'n Turn "Marlo Flip" Barbie 

#23 1975 Growing Up Skipper 

The dolls of my generation... I'm happily a child from Barbie's Mod Era!

"Who's your favorite Barbie?" A question I am often asked, and honestly it's hard for me to answer. I mean, I have sentimental favorites like the 1970 Talking Ken and 1971 Malibu Ken (below) because these were the Ken dolls I played with as a child; or the 1987 Barbie & the Rockers (above) because they put me on the path of Barbie collecting when I received them as a birthday present in 1987.

Honestly, my "favorite" Barbie is always changing. It changes from day-to-day, week-to-week but I do have quite a few that continually reign as favorites—I think of them as the jewels in my collection. 

Here I share 25 of my favorite Barbie and Ken dolls with photos of how they stand in my collection. Because my favorites are always changing they are not ranked in a "most favorite to least favorite" order but listed chronologically. Also I narrowed the favorites down to the dolls my older sister, younger sister and I actually played with as youngsters. As you can see by the abundance of dolls from 1967 to 1972, I'm definitely a Barbie kid of the Mod Era!

#25 1981 Golden Dream Barbie 

1987 Barbie & the Rockers 

#15 1971 Live Action Barbie 

#4 1967 Standard Barbie 

Barbie Talks! And so does her friends Brad, Ken, Christie, Stacey, P.J., Julia, and Truly Scrumptious!

#10 1969 New Good Lookin' Ken

#18 1972 Busy Barbie 

The 1971 Malibu Ken has my heart. He's my favorite Ken of all Kens.

#5 Hair Fair Barbie 

#13 1970 Brad

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#24 1977 Superstar Barbie 

#12 Julia

#19 1972 Walk Lively Barbie 

#11 1969 Truly Scrumptious

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A Barbie History in Portraits​​

#1 1961 Ponytail Barbie

#7 1968 Christie

#20 1972 Miss America 

#8 1968 Stacey

#22 1974 Yellowstone Kelley

#2 1962 Ken